A strategic business funding solution that offers funds upfront and is repaid in over a pre-agreed repayment period which is suitable for companies with regular incoming cash flow

Enjoy flexible repayment period up to 9 months


Customized repayment schedule & amount in place


Offers lump sum disbursement of funds upfront


Fast turnaround time

Frequently asked questions

We assist your business in bridging short term working capital needs. Assistance of traditional financial institutions tend to come with long turn around time and rigid credit assessment criteria with minimum flexibility in assessment.

Our lean model allows us to provide fast turn around time and tailored credit assessment. This translates to timely solution to your business needs.

We are open to all range of industries with genuine business requirements.

Our turnaround time for approval ranges from 3 to 5 working days depending on the complexity of the deal.

Business with short term working capital needs with clear incoming repayment source.

  • Past 2 years financial report
  • Past 6 months bank statements
  • Directors and guarantors NRIC
  • Directors and guarantors past 2 years NOA
  • Directors and guarantors Credit Bureau report
  • Aging list (debtors and creditors)
  • List of existing loans
  • Supporting documents on purpose of loan and source of repayment